The inspiration of my work comes from material experimentation. Plastic drinking straws is ready-made object that is overlooked its high potential properties. What made an object valuable? Through the research and experiment, Plastic drinking straws is transformed into material for jewellery. Translucency and optical effect are the outstanding characteristics of plastic drinking straws which are utilized as theme in my project.  The surprising biomorphic feature of melted plastic straws inspires the simplified organic shape of work pieces. I aim to capture a timeless delightful sense that is similar to the one we receive from natural object. Furthermore, the natural sense enhances tactile qualities illustrated through delicate and dynamic patterns and forms. My work explores the beauty of translucency through the plastic drinking straws, and challenges perception of material value in jewellery. The plastic drinking straw is transformed by experimental processes so as to bring out its aesthetic value. My work is a combination of optical effect, translucency and natural shape which result in an eye-catching delicate craft work. The optical effect in my work will change depending on the light and background behind the pieces when it set on the body.

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